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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
good education at smith. i was not--i--i'm not one of those people who thinks of my college years as a happy golden time. i mean, i was a texan who was up in massachusetts, so first of all i was cold. i mean, i couldn't bel--i was freezing to death the whole time i was up there. and i found yankees rather, in some ways, chilly and difficult compared to the texans i was used to. but i do think i got an awfully good education. c-span: what'd you study? >> guest: grateful for it. history. my--my major was history. c-span: and how long did you spend with the new york times as a reporter? >> guest: six years with the new york times. some of it in new york as a political reporter at city hall in albany and then later as bureau chief out in the rocky mountains. c-span: would you take a little time and tell us about reporting on the funeral of elvis presley? >> guest: oh, now there is something that when i've been standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and if i really need to impress people, i just let fall that i covered elvis' funeral. and, boy, people just practically draw back
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
i've said, so very well-educated and is a person who reads a lot and punctuates a lot of her conversation with very sophisticated, literary references, and that didn't go off so well down in west virginia. it also didn't go over so well when she was first married to the governor and became first lady, did a couple of interviews and was asked, "do you ever read the papers in west virginia? what do you think?" and she said, "oh, i don't ever--i don't ever read them. i only read the new york times." now she later corrected herself in another interview, but sort of amplified it by saying, "i don't read the local newspapers because i never like to read the papers where i conduct because i'm too sensitive to criticism. plus, i do read the papers, because you have to get something here, because you can't get the new york times." so she had a little bit of difficulty sometimes of not knowing when to stop. c-span: the relationship between gaston caperton and his wife and the rockefellers -- senator and mrs. jay rockefeller? because you have -- i've got a quote here that says, "jay is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2